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company profile

厦门海普锐科技股份有限公司 集研发、生产和销售为一体的工业智能制造领域高新技术企业


      hiprecise is being the china’s leading and internationally recognized supplier of industrial intelligent manufacturing systems. company of “innovation leads future” strives for excellence. continuously creates value for customers with science and technology and innovation.

in the wire harness industries of transportation, electric power, home appliance and communication fields, hiprecise provides stable, efficient and reliable products and service as well as smart production system solutions. committed to creating the "hidden champion" in this market segmentation.

in the future, we will continue to innovate around the needs of customers and jointly promote the intelligent development of made in china.


our focus

since 1989, hiprecise team focus on wire harness processing equipment for 30 years, always takes r & d for wire harness processing atomization and smart technology as its responsibility.  

from chinese first koc-50l (mechanical automatic stripping machine) in 1989, to world first innovation with patent reserved: hpc-8040d (fully automatic terminal crimping machine) special design for electric power industry.

from chinese first single chip microcomputer control mute terminal crimping machine in 1996, to hpc-5020nc fully automatic twisting machine.

from chinese premier digital wire cutting & stripping machine in 1998, to spc-31 wire harness flexible producing center.

from establishing subsidiary: xiamen hiprecise smart software co., ltd in 2015, to develop into providing mes smart production management system, agv and intelligent warehousing and logistics system products and service supplier who focus on wire harness industry.

30 years of focus in the industry, which helps our customer develop continuously and efficiently.

focus on market segmentation, focus on innovation, we will continue as before.


our footprint

customer-centric; provide better products and service to customers because of this insistence, let our products spread all over the country, and exported to europe, america, southeast asia, africa and other regions.


our gains

in 2016, we gained the title of “xiamen technology little giant leading enterprise”;

in 2016, official listed on new otc (over the counter) market. (national equities exchange and quotations, stock code:837408.)

in 2017, we gained “xiamen electrical digital manufacturing system engineering technology research center”.

in 2018, we gained strategic investment from german phoenix contact group


our persistence

be attentive, be the best of us.

quality inheritance and innovation driving to help made-in-china 2025!

industrial intelligence makes our life better!